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Tell the Senate to Stand Strong for Military Survivors of Sexual Assault 


Real reform is needed in the military justice system. There were an estimated 26,000 cases of sexual assault last year, but only 3,000 were reported. And when a survivor does file a complaint, the commander in charge has the ability to set aside guilty verdicts, return the attacker into the ranks, and in some cases even promote the attacker. The Military Justice Improvement Act takes the decision to prosecute these cases out of the chain of command and puts it where it belongs — in the hands of trained independent military prosecutors. Help us stand up for service members everywhere by writing your Senators and telling them you support the Military Justice Improvement Act.


Tell the House Ways and Means Committee to Take the Chained CPI Off the Table


The House Ways and Means Committee announced that it’s accepting public comments on bipartisan proposals to reform Medicare and Social Security — and the first proposal on the table is cutting Social Security benefits with the chained CPI. But if the chained CPI is adopted, the cost-of-living adjustments Social Security recipients depend on would start being calculated differently — and the new calculations would cut the value of benefits more and more each year. No matter how they try to spin it, the chained CPI is a CUT to Social Security benefits. Tell the committee to take the chained CPI off the table and keep Social Security out of the budget negotiations.


Share Your Story on High-Quality Early Learning


As early learning and early elementary school teachers, parents and early learning advocates, you see firsthand the results of high-quality early learning in action. You see how high-quality early learning can transform individuals, classrooms, even communities. As part of the Strong Start for Children Campaign to support President Obama’s bold new early learning initiative, we will gather hundreds of your stories, turn them into a book, and deliver them to key policy makers. We want to show Congress what high-quality early learning can accomplish for children and families. Please add your story to our book for Members of Congress today.

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